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Riad in Marrakech, Hotels and eating out guide

Riads in Marrakesh

Riads in Marrakesh

Article by M.Ibrahim

Marrakech has become one of the most fascinating cities of the world with its own culture and beauty. There are so many adjective can be join before the name of Marrakech like charming, extraordinary, magical, exotic, indulging, mesmerizing etc. The main charm of Marrakech is its riads. “Riads in Marrakech” will help you to get the best riads, places and Boutique Hotels in Marrakech. You can easily choose a traditional riad in the Medina or Riad in the outskirts, another well-known place in Marrakech for giving you a reclusive experience with your tour.  The word “riad” comes from the Arabian term for garden which is an important design concern of Islamic notions of privacy for the women inside residential gardens. The theme of the “riads in marrakesh” has changed by the years but the basic form is used even now – a – days and the modernized “riads” are more beautiful and charming. 
 “Riyad” or “Riad in Marrakech” is called the main tradition of “Morocco” with middle or small castle. Now- a – days they are in trend of hotels and motels used by the tourist in search of traditional “Moroccan” stay. This “Riads” have their own charm and beauty to attract the people to spend some time to it. By the night people can enjoy the open air restaurant in the square turning it into open place or in front of main place. Generally, “Riads in Marrakesh" is a traditional Moroccan house or cottage with a garden or courtyard.  “Riad” is one of the main attractions of “Marrakech” as there is hundreds of different provider of “riads”. ‘Mamounia’ hotel, ‘Kenzi farah’ and many other “riads” like Riad Chi-Chi, Riad Eden Dar, Malak Dar Thania, Riad Mur Akush, Riad Jona, Riad Papillon, Riad 107, Riad Samsli , Riad Villa el Arsa and hotels are some examples of it. During the holidays we can see many world celebrities to walk around the street of “Marrakech” or in the “Riads in Marrakesh".
The Riads are more available in the city Medina or in the old ancient cities of Marrakech. For this reason those are the attractive and busiest city for tourism. The Moroccan visitors are so fond of riads that they never complete a tour without having a riad stay.  Riads are very elegant from the outside with its little window and doors. The front door usually made by solid wood along with various plants and trees around the Riad. You would be fantasized to notice the charming courtyard usually with a fountain in the middle of the room. The rooms are very small and narrow and it is the main quality of a perfect Riad.  Some riads of Marrakech are hundreds of years old with ancient flavor. Usually Riads in Marrakech are two stories high; some of them are three stories high with balconies looking over the garden and terraces with views over the top of Marrakech. People who are not getting a tour plan on Marrakech can easily make a schedule for discovering the beauty you never met before.

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Holidays in Morocco

Holidays in Morocco Morocco situates at the north western tip of Africa and bordered by the country Mauritania and Algeria. Holidays to Morocco has some magical charm and attraction like a snake-charmer's flute. All the places have inherited the power to attract a tourist by the moment you arrive there. It is important to select where you going to spend your holidays and you must think before what you want out of your break. Morocco holidays can give you the vast option to choice the place you like most. The varied natural landscape of this country includes four separate mountain ranges, green river, valleys, sandy coasts, and enormous beauty of desert. You can run for a sun-drenched sands that disappears into the near- distance. There are plenty of bars and clubs that give you mostly the drink flowing and the music pumping. Then head for the Agadir of Morocco and book your reservation at the superb holiday resort, all inclusive ClubHotel Riu Tikida Dunas. There is also Jemaa el-Fna, to claim original Morocco travel to hang out. The most attractive part of your journey will be the Red city of Marrakech. You can a have leisure with Hotel Le Tikida Garden, an oasis of calm with is mind- blowing soothing sanctuary For perfect holidays there are hundreds of Riads in morocco. You can consider among the best like, boutique hotels and villas in Marrakech, Essaouira and Fes. The Riads are the traditional attraction for the tourist of morocco as the best part of their journey. Some Riads gives the whole view of the beautiful city from the top roof. The food of Morocco is excellent and it served with extreme natural way. The notional food is couscous which served with a lamb and vegetable casserole. Mint tea is a popular drink of morocco and alcohol is also available. You can have cheap holidays in Morocco 2011 with an extreme charm. By the climate, geography, and history, Morocco is closer to the Mediterranean than any other country of Africa. There are fine beaches, ancient cities and lush green valleys to the north of the country. The world famous Atlas Mountain is another charm of morocco. Every year a huge number of visitors visit this country only for the view of this mountain. The snow- capped mountain has a series of a dozen of peaks which is 4000 meter long. This is a exciting place for holidays of morocco all around the year. The three most important ranges of atlas is Middle Atlas, the High Atlas, and the Anti-Atlas, they run parallel from the north to south west. The height peak of those is 13000 meter long, named Jebel Toubkal. The beauty of Atlases Mountains can be found on the south and the Mediterranean atmospheres are disappeared into Sahara. The climate near the cost area is great to stay for all year around. This country also inherits Sahara desert which is also a world famous and biggest desert, could be your dream place to travel. There are hundreds of travel agencies to make your journey more comfortable and easy. Article written by abdul aziz